Five Heads Studio
Based in Brazil

Founding date:
January, 2016

No Math Cards


We are Five Heads Studio and we were founded during the 12 weeks marathon held by Academia de Produção de Jogos. Our goal was to develop this game under 12 weeks and release to the public, with a presskit. This is our first finished game and we are very proud to present what follows next. Enjoy!


No Math Cards is a card game that uses the four basic math operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - and a numeric sequence interval based on the set of integers (positive and negative) to provide the game mechanics and dynamics. The name itself is an allusion to the game's main goal: you should have no cards to win.

Despite the game has not been developed with an educational intent, it gets to work with concepts learnt in Math classes during the Elementary School.

Game Modes

To start playing, you just need to pick a card and put it on the table on your turn, or when an intromission card is played. However, there are a few play restrictions depending on the card type.

  • Common card restrictions which change values from "Initial", "Inner" and "Final" in the game:
    • Any of the following cards may be played, since the results of the Math opertaion keep the relation “Initial <= Inner <= Final” between the interval values. That is, the “Initial” value should always be lesser than or equal the “Inner” value and the “Inner” should always be lesser than or equal the “Final” value.
    • The division cards (only available to the "Inner" value) may only be played if the current value is divisible by the card value;
  • Special cards restrictions which apply to players, not interval values:
    • The special card “Trojan Horse” should be played before the player have only three cards in hands. If that is not done, the card will be automatically played on next turn;
    • The special card “Dead Weight” can only be played if another player has just played “Trojan Horse”. This is an intromission play that should be done within 2 seconds. If the player before you played the “Trojan Horse” card, you can discard the “Dead Weight” card as a normal play, instead of an intermission play;
    • The special card “Cool Down” can be player at any moment, with no restrictions;

The common cards that divide the "Inner" value by 2 or 3, as well as the special card “Dead Weight” (previously specified), may be played at any moment as an intromission play, as long as they are within the rules previously cited.

How to Play

It is possible to play on 1-Player Mode or Local/Remote Multiplyer mode. In the first mode, cards and rules are presented in three phases, together with the base mechanic, raising the player's learning after each phase completion. The oponents in this mode are CPU.

The multiplayer mode, either local or remote, requires to use all the cards, rules and mechanics presented during the three phases of 1-player mode (and explained in details in the How To Play screen, accessible from the beginning of the game). The oponents are other players in the network.

How to Win

Each card has a punctuation related to its difficult to be discarded. The harder it is to play a card, more points it is worth.

As soon as a player has no more cards in its hands, the game is ended (event that names the game).

The player's final score is the sum of the cards played during the match minus the sum of the points of the remaining cards in hands.

The players winning places are set according to their scores, being the player with the highest score in first place.


As you start the game for the first time, you may pick a nickname (a list with 9 available names) and an avatar (9 available images) to customize your player for the matches in the multiplayer mode.


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Awards & Recognition


    Ademilson Rodrigo Moreira
    Game Designer, Programmer, Artist

    Ângelo Paradiso Junior Twist

    Francisco Alex Esteves da Silva
    Music Composer, Sound Composer, Marketer

    Leonardo Leandro de Sousa
    Programmer, Marketer

    presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks